Honey (now Tess)

Honey (now Tess) was adopted from our Cell Dog Program with Noble County Corrections Institute and as you can read from her new family, farm life is agreeing with her!

“Good morning,
We just wanted you to know that Honey, now Tess, is doing well. She likes being out on the farm. We have had her off leash and she is wonderful. We haven’t left her alone yet, but I am sure we will figure that out as well. She likes the dogs here and the cats. She is disinterested in chickens and ducks and turkeys, and less than impressed by horses and goats. She seems to have seen them all before! She is a great car rider and she has a healthy appetite! She slept on our couch instead of her bed, but who cares! Anyway, we will continue to send updates and some pictures.”


Just wanted to say hello and update you on Tupelo. She is a great companion and very spoiled and has made a lot of friends.  We may be looking for another pup in the near future and will contact you when the time comes. Thank you for your help and hope all is well.

Motley (Formerly Fabio)

Dear Friends,

We adopted Fabio (we’re calling him Motley now) at the end of March and
thought you would like to know he’s doing well, although getting
adjusted to city life is still a little hard for him, what with all the
bikes, runners, and dogs being walked. I attach photos of him relaxing
on the deck of our home and walking at heel in our neighborhood. He’s
extremely smart and eager to please, and we’re glad to have him with us.

Best wishes,



Cowgirl graduated from the Cell Dog Program at NCI and as you can she was a perfect little lady on the car ride to her forever home. Congratulations, Cowgirl! Happy Life.


Bella had been in the shelter since November 2014. She has finally found her forever home and took no time at all to settle in. Congratulations, beautiful Bella!


Just a note to let you know that we arrived home around 8:30pm last Tuesday and Piper made the trip very well!  She has settled in great and seems very happy.  Glad to report she seems house-broken and although she had a small accident the first day, no accidents since.  She is adorable and we lover her!  Thank you for what you do for the animals.  We traveled over 640 miles to get her and it was worth it!  I’ve attached a couple pictures of Piper and our granddaughter Isabel first morning after her adoption.

aziza formerly marmalade

“I adopted Aziza (formerly Marmalade), the german shepherd/lab/golden retriever mix from Pound Dog Partners and she is doing amazing! Her full name now is Aziza Melody Grace Muffie, but I call her Ziza and she really is my saving grace. She is a certified Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and lives in my dorm with me and my roommate at college. She is still pretty calm for a puppy but LOVES to play fetch and learn new tricks. I am so thankful for the people at Pound Dog Partners who helped me adopt my furbaby, we are the perfect match and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.”  – Dara


“Just wanted to let you know that Sparky is doing great so far. He was great in the car, great in the house, great on his walk, great, great, great. He is so incredibly sweet and loving, and still has a lot of puppy in him. We gave him a bath last night and he settled right in. Taking him to the vet on Saturday for his exam and microchip.

Thank you again!”

Memory Walk for Patsy

Baxter (formerly swiffer)

A note from Baxter’s new adopters...

This is Baxter (previously known as swiffer) we adopted him a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with him! He is so sweet and loves to cuddle up on the couch with us: ) we were lucky to find such a great dog! He is slowly warming up to our lab..I’m sure they will be best friends soon!