“Just wanted to let you know that Sparky is doing great so far. He was great in the car, great in the house, great on his walk, great, great, great. He is so incredibly sweet and loving, and still has a lot of puppy in him. We gave him a bath last night and he settled right in. Taking him to the vet on Saturday for his exam and microchip.

Thank you again!”

Memory Walk for Patsy

Baxter (formerly swiffer)

A note from Baxter’s new adopters...

This is Baxter (previously known as swiffer) we adopted him a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with him! He is so sweet and loves to cuddle up on the couch with us: ) we were lucky to find such a great dog! He is slowly warming up to our lab..I’m sure they will be best friends soon!

freckles (formerly precious keebler)

Guernsey County Dog Shelter,
Dad cannot say Keebler, however, words do sneak out when he isn’t thinking.
Mom heard him say precious, so her name is now Precious Keebler.  She is
absolutely perfect for us.
Thank you all so very much.


A note from Sarge’s new dad:

“Sarge is lovin’ it out here in the country with his new forever home……thanks again to the pound.”
- Daniel



This is Tia, a three-month-old Great Pyrenees/Blue Heeler. We adopted her a week ago, and she’s a perfect fit for our family–we love her!!


samson (formerly jackson)

Samson (formerly Jackson) is doing so well with us! He’s learned to walk on a leash and has become great friends with our Shepherd, Natasha. This morning they were cuddled up together on the rug….he is quickly becoming a part of our household!


A note from Remmy’s new person:

Thank you for allowing my family to adopt Remmy She has been a dream dog. As for her being a houdini (escaping her crate) we had one incident but a few carbiner clips and no more problem she even goes to her crate alone now and we dont use the clips either. She is settling in nicely with her 4 canine family and would love to play with her 3 felines but they are not much on interacting with dogs. We just love her and she is so intelligent hurry up spring so we can do some outdoor activities.


Duke (formerly hambone)

I adopted “Hambone,” named Duke now, on Tuesday, 3/4. Attached are 3 pictures–one of him on his way home, one with his first experience watching TV, and one of him as a tired puppy!  :)
He’s very loving, and very, very intelligent. He was basically housebroken by the first night. He knows “sit” and learned “give paw”/”shake” in about ten minutes. He’s already a great walker who also understands “heel” and knows not to pull. He loves to sit in laps, though the vet says he’ll probably weigh in the 90s when he grows up. We’re still not sure what he is–he was listed as a Boxer/Mastiff mix at the pound, but the vet is sure he has hound in him (makes sense–he howls at his toys) and he looks an awful like like a fawn/brindle mix Black Mouth Cur.
He is very loved in his forever home by me, and now tolerated by the two cats who I know will come to love him, too!
Thank you all again for letting Duke join our little family.

duke (formerly peanut)

“Feeling so lucky we found Duke (a.k.a. Peanut at the shelter)! He is already an important part of our family! Such a wonderful doggy, he cracks me up! He is a Mack truck that thinks he’s a lap dog! Adorable, loveable Duke! We left our Duke home alone today and he did fabulous! He is loving his new bed we got him too! I feel so blessed, he was meant to be with us! The perfect fit! ”
- The Ross Family